Friday, 3 February 2017

Wearing Skinny Jeans When You're Pregnant

Skinny jeans have long been the best friend of many a fashion-conscious woman worldwide. When you're facing the prospect of a growing bump, you might be forgiven for thinking that you must abandon all things skinny until the nine months is over. However, providing you accommodate for comfort as much as style, there's no reason why maternity skinny jeans can't be on the menu.

Depending on where you shop, the right pair of maternity skinny jeans can see you through the majority of your pregnancy. With spring fast approaching, there's no reason why you can't take a dive towards pastels or brighter colours to bring a splash of excitement to your maternity wear wardrobe. Wondering what you need to consider before wearing skinny jeans while you're pregnant? Then read on...

Gaining weight and maternity skinny jeans

You may gain anywhere between ten and twenty kilos while pregnant, which doesn't necessarily mean you'll go up a clothes size. The beauty of maternity wear is that it allows you to remain in your usual size while accommodating for your growing bump.

If you do feel as though the weight gain tipping you over your usual digits, there's nothing wrong with moving the next size up. In fact, if you're anticipating a few warm months, having a little extra wiggle room increases the comfort factor.

If you're early on into your pregnancy and you decide that you want to stick with your usual size, there's always bump bands. Bump bands allow you to keep your buttons open when you do gain more weight than anticipated while keeping your blooming belly swathed in fabric.

Buying the best skinny jeans for your pregnancy

Once you've considered the comfort size of things, finding the best skinny jeans for your pregnancy really does rest on your own sense of style. Here are some great examples:

Topshop Maternity Black Skinny Jeans

As a classic wardrobe staple all women love, black skinny jeans are great for those smart-casual days at the office or wearing when out and about. Thanks to the bump-accommodating band that's already built in, these Topshop maternity black skinny jeans are as comfortable as they are stylish.

White maternity skinny jeans by ASOS

Trying to strike that fresh and preppy look for the spring months ahead? White is always a winner, although it's not such a tolerant colour if you already have little ones running around. If you are feeling brave, these white maternity skinny jeans by ASOS feature an under the bump waistband that's well suited to lots of growth.

The designer pair

Designer jeans are an essential element of any fashion-conscious woman's wardrobe. If you're willing to splash out a little for the sake of the next few months, Bloomingdale's will see you right. Imported from the US, these jeans by Paige incorporate the bump support into the pockets, giving them an edgy style you'll be proud to flaunt.

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