Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Best of Maternity Wear Multipacks from ASOS

Seeing as you're only going to be wearing your maternity clothes for a few months, the chances are you'll want to save some money. Fortunately, ASOS's maternity range has some of the best multipacks going, which means you can stay looking stylish while spending less.

Great areas for making savings include t-shirts, which look effortlessly elegant with the right accessories, or smart-casual with skinny jeans. ASOS maternity has taken this one step further by creating maternity essentials packs, which contain dresses, skirts, and tops. For those of us who are a routine size throughout, this could come in very handy indeed.

There are plenty more maternity packs to come, but here are the ones with the most potential:

T-Shirt Multi Pack

The oversized t-shirt is showing no signs of dying out yet, and why should it? With three maternity oversize t-shirts from ASOS, you can customise your outfits endlessly and effortlessly. Once your nine months is up, they'll make great sleepwear too.

Sleep Bras: Two-Pack

There's no denying that your breasts expand without abandon when you're pregnant and at times they get pretty uncomfortable during twilight hours. These sleep bras make adjusting to your new nighttime physique just that little bit easier. If you're having a lazy day, team them with your favourite maternity joggers for extra comfort value.

ASOS Maternity Essentials Pack

Complete with a little black dress, bump accommodating leggings, snug tank top and pencil skirt, this kit has all the maternity wear basics you need to get started during your pregnancy. One downside: you have to be the same size on the top and bottom for it to work. With the right accessories, you have the potential to create a litany of gorgeous maternity outfits.

The Ultimate Maternity Tank Top Pack

If you're looking forward to a pregnant summer, you'll need soft cotton tank tops that accommodate your rising body temperature. If you're looking for effortless style, go a size bigger, throw on a statement necklace, and enjoy the understated glamour.

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