Sunday, 29 January 2017

Rock Maternity Joggers like Amanda Seyfried

Her character Karen may have banished Regina George from the lunch table for her overuse of joggers, but the very real and very pregnant Amanda Seyfried is a maternity joggers fan like the rest of us. It's rare that most of us fail to indulge in cosy clothing. Whether that's joggers or pyjamas, few feelings are more comforting than stepping out of your work outfit and into something a little baggier. If you're keen to get your hands on some cosy maternity joggers, here are some suggestions:

ASOS Maternity Jersey Jogger

They're grey, they're slouchy, and they're ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The beauty about being pregnant is, fewer people will judge you for wearing your favourite cosy items outside.

New Look Maternity Navy Joggers

If you're not a fan of pregnancy yoga yet, why not? It's a great way of simmering down and combatting the insidious evil that's pregnancy insomnia, plus it gives you an excuse to invest in maternity yoga pants. If tight yoga pants aren't your style, these navy joggers by New Look maternity will do

Activewear from Mothercare

If running is more your thing or walking really fast, there's always these space dye pants from Mothercare. When you're not busy convincing yourself you're the pregnant version of Forest Gump, you can use them to lounge around. 

No matter which maternity joggers you choose, always remember to keep them as comfy and as slouchy as possible. After all, what's the use in having a lazy day if you don't have the clothing to match. 

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