Saturday, 28 January 2017

Maternity Wear Inspiration from Binky Felstead

Few occasions are more exciting than realising one of your favourite fashion icons is packing her very own pregnancy bump, especially when it means you have the chance to mimic her style. With the announcement made a little over ten days ago, Binky Felstead appeared alongside fellow parent-to-be JP Patterson, sporting enviably glowing skin and no signs of deviating from her usual style.

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Felstead seems delighted with her newly pregnant state and has eagerly announced that she "wants a little family", but she'll be okay regardless of how everything turns out. We're sure there are plenty more Binky Felstead maternity outfits to come, but for now, there's an opportunity for you to mimic her latest style, which blends countryside chic with city glamour.

ASOS Embellished Crop Top Maternity Dress

It may not be packing the same length, but the devil's in the detail, which means the embellishments on this dress were too pretty to miss. This maternity dress by ASOS is great for a night out or creating a more delicate look at an event.

Maternity Grey Belt Wrapped Coat by New Look

There's never a bad time to grab a bargain and seeing as this maternity coat by New Look has had its price slashed by more than half, you could be getting your hands on an item that'll see you through the winter. Dressed up with heels it looks instantly formal, worn any other way and it's automatically cosy.