Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Best of H&M's Maternity Range: Winter 2017

Finding that H&M maternity exists is a delightful discovery indeed. While there was once a time when maternity wear was both expensive and unfashionable, this high street favourite has eliminated both of those problems. Whether you're seeking to create a pregnancy capsule wardrobe or you simply need a temporary replacement for some of those well loved items that won't be fitting for much longer, H&M maternity will see you through the days of blooming.

While we're sure you'll be more than happy to peruse what they have to offer, sometimes it helps to grab a quick insight into the nicest items. Ladies and Bumps, we present some of the best of H&M's maternity range for winter/spring 2017:

Striped Maternity Top

Whether you're aiming for a preppy look or an image that's endearingly casual, a striped maternity top will go far. Teamed with skinny black jeans, it even verges on becoming smart-casual, depending on your footwear of course.

H&M Maternity Boyfriend Jeans

But what if you don't want skinny jeans at all? Don't worry, H&M maternity have you covered. With their maternity boyfriend jeans, you can embrace both style and comfort.

For those special occasions...

Heading anywhere nice? With this V-neck dress you can feel every inch the glamour puss you usually are. The belt lends itself nicely to a blossoming waist, allowing you to flaunt those ever-changing curves with pride.

Maternity Sweatpants

But what if you don't want to go anywhere at all? These maternity sweatpants are great for lounging around the house, as well as heading to the gym. Remember, staying fit is as important during your pregnancy as any other time (unless you've been advised not to do so), so don't be afraid to use them for a power walk or two.

Classic trench coat

Maternity fashion favourite Kate Middleton was rarely seen without a classy coat during either of her pregnancies. With this classic trench coat, you can stay looking on point and get those buttons done up. Looking for more winter coat inspiration? We've gathered a few of our own choices here.

As the days go on, we're sure H&M maternity will have more to over the maternity wear world yet!