Thursday, 9 January 2014

Maternity Fashion Spring 2014

Okay, so I am not pregnant but I do reminisce about the times when I was. As much as I loved looking for maternity wear, I often looked at the fashion lists of Glamour, Marie Claire, and and felt disappointed that there were no similar lists for us pregnant ladies.

So, basing my efforts on Glamour's Spring 2014 fashion trends list, I am going to compile a collection of clothing from New Look and ASOS to help you meet the demands of the new season.


Yup, pretty pastels are back again. Do I feel comfortable with pastels? Sometimes. I feel as though I can wear a great mint green jacket, but otherwise I lack the confidence it takes to leave me feeling less like my mother in the 80s and more like a fashion-conscious Milennial.

I think I could wear this watermelon dress though. It's the top, it cups the boobs nicely. Clearly Britain is a little wet for this dress at the time of me writing this post, but I believe it could make a great wardrobe addition come warm weather time.

Contrast Button Downs


Most of the models wearing contrast button downs on the catwalk were going for the menswear look at recent shows. When pregnant, why not just make the most of those curves? Trust me, baggy men's shirts do sod all for your figure when you have a growing bump. I apologise for the crap pic from New Look here, but this cami/shirt really does make the most of the contrast trend without leaving you looking like a walking tent.

Tea Length Skirts


I have a little confession to make here. This isn't actually a maternity skirt. Tea length skirts are big this year, but both New Look and ASOS aren't featuring them in maternity styles yet, so I am going to go ahead and suggest buying this is one size up from your usual. In general, this is a great way to save money on maternity fashion.

Striped Panel Trousers

£12.00 down from £40.00!
The fashion gods and godesses have decreed that we need to blend smart with sporty this year. Think 90s Nike meets your usual workwear wardrobe to produce smart striped trousers. This can create the illusion of longer legs.

Shift Shirts


Shift blouses help you blend luxury with a spot of comfort. As any working woman may already know, getting a shirt to look great is quite the challenge. Not having to worry about buttoning up a shirt over a growing bump makes life much, much easier.

Collarless Coats

£30.00 down from £60.00

Long and streamlined coats are making a comeback. Again, this is a great hassle saver when it comes to buttoning up. I refused point black to purchase a maternity coat, and just spent ages trying to wriggle my way into various jumpers and oversized 'normal' coats. Collarless would have suited me just fine, because they still look fantastic even when they are open. For some reason, not many of us can pull off the whole open trench thing.