Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Wearing Animal Prints When You Are Pregnant

It seems that not a year goes by without animal prints making a re-emergence onto the fashion scene. In terms of maternity wear, animal print is a great way to bring out your wild side. This year, retailers like George at ASDA, Matalan, and New Look haven’t failed to deliver on the animal print front. If you want your wardrobe to go above and beyond, try some of these key items.

animal print maternity wear
George-Animal Print Maxi Dress-£14

The last of the sunny British weather may have left us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in one last maternity maxi dress. Featuring purple animal prints, this number from George can double up as a winter holiday item. During the colder months, get inventive and use it as a maternity maxi skirt alongside your usual thick leggings or tights. At £16, it is a great steal for those who are fashion conscious and on a budget.

matalan maternity
Matalan-Animal Print Maternity Leggings-£10
That’s right, we’re going to go a little over the top here and suggest that you invest in a pair of maternity leggings in leapord print. While this may seem a little more Bianca Butcher than Kate Moss, hear us out. If you are prepared to make sure the rest of your wardrobe is understated, there is no reason why you can’t make this work. Long, oversized shirts and simple black blazers will work fantastically with these leggings. At the same time, they are over bump. Trust us when we say that you can achieve understated levels of comfort by finding a stretchy pair of leggings to encase your belly in.

mamalicious new look
New Look-Animal Print Belt Top-£15.50
You can take yourself from frumpy to formal in no time with this Mamalicious animal print top. Depending on how you want to play your outfit, you can wear this piece in the evening or in the workplace. With soft materials and gentle ties, you have the opportunity to accentuate that pregnancy figure in a way that feels comfortable. If you are still benefiting from date nights during your pregnancy, we highly recommend this top alongside skinny jeans.

Maternity Wear Tips: Wearing Animal Prints

Maternity animal print outfits do not have to leave you feeling tacky. Understandably, this is one of the greatest worries for style-conscious women who want to continue with their fantastic fashion sense during their gestational period. By following a few simple rules, you can make sure animal prints work for you:
  • ·         Make sure they are well-fitting. Although this is the cardinal rule of all outfits, animal prints somehow look ten times more garish when you don’t invest the effort required to ensure your clothing isn’t clingy. If anything, animal prints work much better when you choose to go a little baggier.
  • ·         Don’t double up on prints. Whether you are wearing leopard or zebra, you shouldn’t combine them with each other, nor should you wear two animal print outfits at once. Again, this increases the tack, which is something many pregnant women try to avoid.
  • ·         Combine with plain items wherever possible. Classic black blazers are not threatening to die out any time soon, and while London Fashion Week showed a penchant for brights again this year, there is no need to try and translate this to the high street. Similarly, black skinny jeans work well. You should appreciate this when it comes to the winter, which practically calls for such staple items.

  • Be bold and be brave when incorporating animal prints into your maternity wardrobe. Ultimately, your outfit is going to look as good as you feel. If you are confident in what you wear, you will not have to worry about your ability to carry it off at all.
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