Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Selling Pregnancy Tests Online: A Moral Dilemma?

To some it is a lucrative business, for others it is a living nightmare. When it comes to bizarre pregnancy stories, this one has to take the biscuit. It has recently emerged that women are selling their used pregnancy tests on Craigslist—for a whole host of purposes.

My initial reaction to reading this was that those purchasing the tests would want to fake a pregnancy. Okay, so maybe I have been watching a little too much Eastenders this year, but what other reasons could a woman have for purchasing someone else's pee stick? Apparently, there are numerous alternative motives here.

The first is someone wanting to play a prank on someone. Imagine being a particularly cruel girlfriend or coy daughter bounding into a room waving a pregnancy test around, only to see your intended victim pass out with horror. If this is the case, I see the sale of these tests spiking significantly around April Fools' Day. Or maybe even Halloween.

Revenge appears to be another running theme. Imagine catching your partner cheating, or even worse, finding out you are the one they are cheating on someone with. Few things are likely to horrify them more than thinking that you are pregnant.

Another reason could be that you are making a documentary, film, or advert, and you want it to be bloody realistic. Taking a felt tip to a standard pregnancy test to produce a wonky pink line isn't quite the same as having a glistening electronic device screaming "pregnant" at the camera. I can definitely see the logic—and innocence—in this one.

So who are the women who are selling the pregnancy tests? Apparently the whole thing began when one woman had numerous friends ask her for a positive test, so she began selling them online. I would like to argue that she has a rather bizarre friendship circle. I'm sure they're all good for a laugh on an evening out.

After one woman began selling tests online, the process snowballed. Women have begun purchasing tests, peeing on them, and selling them on. According to newspaper reports, it is possible to double your money when doing this. However, those of us who have peed on sticks will know you can get super cheap tests for as little as £1 (sometimes less), thus sending profits sky rocketing.

As hilarious as some of this is, I am sure there may be a very small strange minority who would want to use these tests for deceptive purposes. I am also absolutely confident that it is illegal to send bodily fluids in the post in a lot of areas. Do remember, these sticks are covered in pee.

When it comes to novel ways to make money while you are pregnant, this probably tops the lot of them. Personally, I'd rather find something a little less strange to fund my lifestyle with.