Monday, 9 September 2013

Pregnant Celebrities: Jessica Simpson Shows a Little Female Solidarity

It's not often that we see a little female solidarity transgressing across the world of pregnant celebrities. However, last weekJessica Simpson delighted us all when she openly stated that she "Felt for" Kim Kardashian as she was going through her pregnancy. In the same breath, she also praised Kate Middleton's figure, stating that she just seemed to "glow" for the duration of her gestation.

What's refreshing about this is that Jessica is acknowledging that yes we do put on weight, and that is fine as we are producing tiny humans. At the same time, she manages to show a little love who don't appear to gain as much weight as many do. Honestly, this is a rarity in the world of pregnancy, where women seem to fall into either the "get fat" or "stay slim" camp.

Both Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian have fallen victim to the hoards of journalists and celebrity commentators who seem to lack empathy as well as a grasp of basic biology. Throughout her pregnancy, Kim was slammed for her fashion choices. Woe betide any woman who wears anything remotely figure hugging as the pounds creep on—that bump needs to stay looking delicate, dontcha know.

Interestingly, interpretations of Kim's behaviour on the Twittersphere seemed to reach bizarre levels. As her due date crept ever closer, Kim engaged in the regular #ThrowbackThursday hashtag by tweeting an old image. Cue hoards of people read to claim that she was hankering for her previous figure. Or, maybe like the rest of us, she was indulging in a fond memory? Just a thought.

After giving birth on June 30th 2013, Jessica let the Ellen DeGeneres Show know that she was taking a slow approach to losing her baby weight. As she quite rightly states, there are always opportunities to work it off when you are ready. In the meantime, a little post-natal indulgence doesn't go amiss. This means gentle exercise to keep that circulation going, regular kegal engagement for your pelvic floor's sanity, and a lot of Battenberg if you're going down the breastfeeding route.

After Jessica's kind words, it'll be awesome to see more pregnant celebrities taking the same approach. With less focus on what maternity wear a woman should be wearing in accordance with the pre-ordained standards of bitchy journalists, and more emphasis on a healthy approach to weight gain and loss, the world of pregnancy will be a more blissful place.