Friday, 20 September 2013

Maternity Formal Dresses From Tiffany Rose-Affordable Luxury and Classy Designs

maternity formal dresses
Let’s face it, our options are somewhat limited when it comes to maternity formal wear. Although high street brands try their hardest to produce the goods, pregnant women lack that specialist service that can produce dresses which straddle affordability and excellence. That has all changed since the emergence of Tiffany Rose.

One of the best things about Tiffany Rose is their dedication to timeless style. As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion comes and goes, but style is eternal.” Pregnancy lasts for just nine months, but there is an ongoing need to remain stylish throughout. With a timeless number like the maternity Grecian gown to the left, you need not worry about your appearance when each soiree comes around.
maternity wear

As pregnant women, we too deserve to look gorgeous. At the same time, we cannot ignore the need to remain comfortable. This is something that Tiffany Rose manages to achieve with its maternity formal dress collection. Their maternity wear combines cosy materials with elastane, while still managing to leave them looking gorgeous. There is also plenty of scope for customisation. As you choose your perfect dress, you have the chance to make adaptations and add accessories. With the party season just around the corner, such bespoke services cannot be understated in terms of importance and convenience.

For blooming ethical mamas, the Tiffany Rose production process is appealing. With each item being made in Britain, your purchase feeds back into our economy and comes with the guilt-free element of knowing that the production process is fair. This traditional production method is what allows Tiffany Rose to maintain their reputation abroad and within the UK alike.

To mark Tiffany Rose’s accolade of business success in the maternity wear field, The Queen’s Award for Enterprise was granted to them in 2013. With these successes has come international growth. Today, pregnant women everywhere purchase their maternity wear from Tiffany Rose. From the pebble laden seasides of Britain, to the sunny shores of California, women everywhere are turning to this fantastic pregnancy fashion company for their stunning outfits.