Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Indulging in Sweet Treats During Your Pregnancy Like Halle Berry

This week reports have emerged detailing that Halle Berry—all round beautiful woman and celebrity—has sweet cravings during her pregnancy. Wow, isn't it just amazing when journalists find something so jaw dropingly newsworthy that we cannot even read past the headline? Still, this is a great opportunity to explore something that very few of us cannot defy when we are pregnant: amazing sweet food.

Granted, not all women experience sweet cravings during their pregnancies. Some hanker for savoury food only, disgustingly smelly cheese, coal, tripe—you name it, a pregnant woman has wanted it.  If you are one of the many, many women who does find herself eyeing up sugar cubes in a way that can only be described as genuinely disturbing, feel free to read on for some worthy ways of satisfying your hankering.

I am not going to get all pious here. Yes, I know that generally we should be healthy. But when you are carrying around a tiny human in your uterus, you deserve to bloody-well treat yourself sometimes. Now, let's get started, shall we?


First things first: effortless luxury. If you have ever been to Paris—or have at least imagined going there—you may want to consider purchasing some macaroons. The not-so-humble macaroon is notoriously hellish to bake. However, thanks to some nifty sellers and bakers advertising on Not onthe High Street, you don't have to frustrate yourself to get your hands on some. Order a pack, wait for them to arrive, and indulge in the French luxuriousness of it all.

The Great British Bake Off (In Your Kitchen)

It's that time of year again. Hashtag #GBBO is trending on Twitter, and we are all watching Mel and Sue dive around kitchens filled with nervous bakers as they produce gorgeous cakes. While not all of us are capable of meeting the exacting demands of the Great British Bake Off, there is no harm in trying simple baking recipes. Forget the demands of Martha Stewart or self-styled hero of working class people Jamie Oliver (sigh), and head for the BBC Good Food site for inspiration. Some recipes are user generated, and they all feature ratings, which means you can select the most successful one and be on your way.

Just Popping Down the Shops

Honestly, there really is nothing wrong with just popping down the shops and buying something sweet to much on. There is something to be said for keeping things simple, and it often means you are guaranteed a stress-free experience. If that appeals to your nature more than buying macaroons online or starting a baking session, then go for it.

As the media continues to report on pregnant celebrities eating (wow), we hope to bring something with a little more substance to the celebrity pregnancy section of this site. Also, keep your eyes peeled for maternity wear updates.