Monday, 2 September 2013

Four Key Maternity Wear Items for Fall/Winter 2013

Magazines like Marie Claire and Grazia have been touting their fashion recommendations for fall 2013 for just over a month now. As we move into September and the British summer is falling behind us, now is a good time to take a sneak peek at maternity wear for the winter period. Spending a little money on a few staple items is a good way to get yourself through the winter in style.

Punky tartan looks are big this year, and neon colours have once again emerged onto the fashion scene. Strangely, the Pretty Woman-style nineties chic appears to be making another appearance. For kids of the nineties, this is going to seem a little strange. It's quite sobering to look down at your bump, think about the era you grew up in, and realise the trends your parents wore are hitting the fashion scene again as retro-chic.

Fortunately, high street stores and designers alike are paying close attention to our cravings for maternity wear that is in line with the latest fashion trends. This means you can say goodbye to generic slogo t-shirts—okay, they do still have their uses—and hello to embracing your inner fashionista as your infant grows inside you. Rather than trawling through the stores with frustration, check out these four staple items to get you started.

Leather Jacket £60 New Look

Wearing this maternity faux-leather jacket from New Look, you can fully embrace the punk themes that are hitting high street stores. If you already have a pair of tartan leggings, you can pair your jacket with them easily to instantly achieve the look you want. The subtle nature of this jacket means that you can wear it during the daytime or in the evening. 

Isabella Oliver Leather Leggings £279

Fancy taking that punk look up a notch? Isabella Oliver have produced a pair of leather leggings, which are maternity friendly. Although these maternity leggings come at an eye watering price, they are likely to last the winter, they look fantastic, and they will work perfectly with a glam evening look as well as a daytime punk look.

Work Dress George at Asda £12

As much as we would like to stay looking fashionable all the time, it is necessary to tone down the stylista approach when heading to work. Fortunately, George at Asda appear to have the answer when it comes to maternity work dresses. This staple wardrobe item is just £12, and is also available in black. Buy a few, add some delicate scarfs to the mix, and you practically have your maternity work wardrobe sorted.

J Brand Jeans at Bloomingdales £155
If there is one item you are likely to need desperately throughout your pregnancy, it is a decent pair of maternity jeans. Bloomingdales UK feature great jean/jeggings from J Brand, which nestle perfectly under your bump for a sleek look. Their stretchy nature means you can stay comfortable, which means no more worrying about fitting in your bump band to make your old pair stretch. This same stretchable nature makes them great for the postnatal recovery process.

Buying staple items for your maternity wardrobe makes life much easier. There are no hard and fast rules stating that everything you buy should be maternity wear specific. By having staple items, you can mix and match comfortable key pieces with high street steals that work well with bumps, regardless of their original intended purpose. With winter just around the corner, there is more comfy maternity wear to come yet.