Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pregnancy Fashion Summer 2013

While the summer of 2012 may not have been spectacular, you may still be able to hold out hope for the summer of 2013.  This means you can look forward to investing in some pregnancy fashion items that will leave you looking and feeling gorgeous.  From floaty white shirts, to flowery dresses, there are plenty of maternity wear items that you can adorn your wardrobe with.

Floating white pregnancy shirts

It is very hard to go wrong with an oversized white pregnancy shirt.  For those British summer days where it is far from hot, you can combine yours with a pair of maternity leggings for a warm and comforting yet stylish look.  When the sun is shining, consider combining yours with a flowery skirt, all wearing it as a jacket over a maternity Maxi dress.  With pregnancy fashion this casual, you can still look fantastic.

Maternity summer dresses

On the off chance that we do have a few hot days this year, you may want to invest in a good maternity summer dress they can get you through your pregnant summer months.  As always, there is a great range of floral options available at New Look maternity.  If you prefer something a little plainer, you can always turn to Isabella Oliver or George at Asda for a casual yet attractive look.

Maternity shoes

If you are suffering with a little edema, it is natural to want to wear maternity shoes that can leave your feet feeling comfortable.  Naturally, a pair of wide fitting sandals or flip flops can do the trick.  In addition to this, you may want consider espadrilles for those days when you do not want to wear sandals or flip flops.  Combined with any pregnancy fashion outfit, both of these footwear options should look fantastic.

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