Friday, 15 March 2013

Kate Middleton and Pregnancy Yoga

According to Marie Claire, Kate Middleton has done away with her cardio routine, and has instead adopted a pregnancy yoga workout. This (apparently) was on the advice of Prince Harry, who touted yoga's insomnia defeating benefits.

First, there was probably no need for Kate Middleton to drop her cardio routine. Cardio is not always dangerous during pregnancy, in fact, that is rarely the case. However, whether Kate dropped it for the sake of her pregnancy or not is unclear. If she is still feeling the after-effects of HG, yoga is undoubtedly going to be a kinder and more enjoyable option.

Second, yoga during pregnancy is fab. As Prince Harry said, it is a great way to combat pregnancy insomnia. Some proponents also believe that it encourages additional blood flow to the uterus, benefiting your baby. If you want to maintain your pelvic floor, it will help there too. This means easier birth management. However, do not replace your kegal exercises with yoga; doing both is recommended.

Where can I try pregnancy yoga?

You may find that there are some pregnancy yoga classes available in your locality. If that is not the case, try approaching your usual yoga teacher and ask them if they know if their workout is safe for pregnant women. It is usually the case that you do not have to specially adapt a routine to meet a woman's needs, you simply need to check that no moves are going to compromise safety. 

If the idea of taking a class does not appeal to you, try YouTube. With YouTube offering royalties to people who attract a certain amount of hits, more people are uploading their full length videos. Doing this can help you enjoy yoga from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

Finally, you can try the recommended pregnancy yoga resources below. Investing in a good DVD or book is a super-flexible way to bring yoga into your home.