Friday, 1 February 2013

Maternity Lingerie for Valentine's Day

Whether looking sexy on Valentine's day is the first or the last thing on your mind, this is a great opportunity to invest in some maternity lingerie. Thanks to brands like Hot Milk, pregnancy underwear can look fantastic, while retaining that sense of comfort you will need for your changing body size. The bras support, the knickers stretch, and everything feels a little bit less restrictive.

Maternity Lingerie That's Sexy

If you do want to look sexy on Valentine's day, something like this Black Lilac Bra from Hot Milk will not go amiss. As well as providing a supportive underwire, its vintage floral design strikes a balance between modern chic and Ancien Regime boutique.

To make sure your breasts feel comfortable as they grow, this maternity bra has been made from soft fabrics. The soft bow is present to compliment this, and its power mesh wings make sure everything stands the test of gravity.

Complimenting Your Maternity Bra with Maternity Knickers

Hot Milk, like any good lingerie company, produces maternity shorts and briefs to compliment their bras. The reasonable prices mean you can enjoy the luxury you would have experienced before you fell pregnant, even as your body continues to grow. Bows, silk, lace, and vintage patterns can all adorn your underwear drawer, and will be ready to wear when you are.

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