Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Funny Maternity T-Shirts from

If there is ever a time when you can indulge in wearing something silly, pregnancy is it. Those t-shirts you would once have turned your nose up at because of their silly slogans suddenly become hilarious. Tops that once did not match your perfect jeans are now the perfect fit with those stretching maternity band trousers. Thanks to a designer at, you can even wear a Lion's Egg t-shirt, and look fantastic.

Funny Maternity T-Shirts

When it comes to funny maternity t-shirts, the stranger they are, the better. This item from is classically quirky, and designed for mums-to-be who like to get a little giggle out of those who surround them. Affectionately named the 'Preggy Eggy Tee', you can purchase this with a white or brown egg on the front. As your belly expands, so will the very life-like egg, giving the impression that you are growing your own fertilised chick on the outside.

What to Wear Your Funny Maternity T-Shirt With

Whether you are a fan of leggings, jeans, or skirts, there are ways to make this t-shirt look cool. During the winter, it will look fab with a pair of dark jeans. If you are reaching the spring, don't be afraid to reach for those floral skirts. Thick leggings will also go down a treat, especially if you choose to wear a snazzy pair of boots with them. No matter what you choose to wear your Preggy Eggy tee with, wear it with pride.

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