Thursday, 7 February 2013

Channing Tatum Thinks Pregnancy is Sexy, Do you Agree

A recent Google of what is hot in the world of celebrity pregnancies revealed that Channing Tatum sees pregnancy as being sexy. While this may set the hearts of pregnant women everywhere alight, others may be sat scratching their growing bellies and wondering what the hell he is on about.

Agree with Channing or not, some men really do see pregnancy as being sexy. There are many theories as to why this may be. Some psychologists believe that it is because they are psyched about the fact that their sperm works; go them! On the more flattering side of things, other men just love the new curves that pregnancy brings, reinforcing the idea that womanly bodies trump skinny boyish frames. In a very primitive sense, others feel that this is because they know they will not have to use birth control for a little while, which is always a winner.

Whether your man finds you sexy when you are pregnant, or not, you may be feeling a little frumpy. This is normal; with hormones shooting around, your body expanding, and your temperature rising, you may find the thought of somebody seeing you as sexy becomes a bit ludicrous. Regardless of how he feels, it is normal to want to ditch sex. If that is the case, do it. Let your body and desires guide you, and take up the opportunity to relax and enjoy that extra attention.

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