Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy: Get Her NYE Vegas Outfit

As expected, Kim Kardashian did not fail to disappoint with her first outing post-Kanye's announcement. As the famous duo were already booked to party in Las Vegas--with a £300,000 reward for doing so--it made sense for Kim to put her best foot forward as far as her maternity wear was concerned.

For anybody who would like to emulate Kim Kardashians pregnancy style, the New Look Lace Bodycon Maternity Dress below should do it:

kim kardashian pregnancy
£24.99 New Look

At just £24.99, it is bound to be a steal in comparison with Kim's party wear. As an ideal outfit for any evening occasion throughout your pregnancy, it is a maternity dress you are bound to get plenty of usage from.

As Kim Kardashian's pregnancy continues, we will be sure to update you with news and outfits galore.