Sunday, 30 December 2012

Losing Weight When Pregnant: What is the Verdict?

With Jessica Simpson's latest pregnancy being observed keenly by fans and pregnant women around the world, her most recent post-pregnancy weight loss has also been scruitinised. Like many celebrity mothers, Jessica was subjected to scathing reports regarding her weight gain and loss. Over the last few days, she has officially declared that she is not going to continue with her Weight Watchers program now that she is expecting baby number two. For many mums and mums-to-be who have just undergone extravagant Xmas feasts, the temptation to lose weight is slowly kicking in.

While weight management during pregnancy is recommended, weight loss is not. The National Instutute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) does not currently recommend weight loss for women during pregnancy. It's official 2010 statement declared "Dieting during pregnancy is not recommended, as it may harm the health of the unborn child." It is for this reason that drawing distinctions between, weight management and weight loss is important.

According to researchers at the British Medical Journal, it is important for all pregnant women to engage in a healthy diet for two. This includes enjoying a healthy balanced of all food groups, while focusing on whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and pulses.

Weight maintenance during pregnancy is important for preventing complications as a result of loss and excessive gain. It is estimated that around 20-40% of pregnant women in Europe gain more weight than they should when pregnant. By all means, do enjoy yourself with the odd chocolate bar or takeaway--you are pregnant and craving after all. However, if you can satisfy those cravings with a healthy-yet-tasty alternative, do so.

Any concerns about your diet? Talk to your midwife or a doctor. The experts will be able to tell you what is best, not a magazine or newspaper journalist seeking to bash the pregnancy weight management efforts of women in Hollywood. Most of all, enjoy your pregnancy body, and work towards doing what is best for your baby's development.