Monday, 29 October 2012

Mila Kunis and Kesha Pregnancy Rumours

While it isn't rare for pregnancy rumours to surround Hollywood starlets and singers, it is rare for them to appear in such odd circumstances. While Kesha's rumours appear to have been fuelled by her latest single release, Mila Kunis is yet another victim of celebrity bump speculation.

Hey Guys, Kesha is Pregnant

Er, actually, Kesha is not pregnant. She is also not dead. Those last two sentences not making sense? Well, they may do if you are a Kesha fan. Over the weekend, her fans attempted to make her latest single rise to the top of the charts by perpetuating a couple of rumours across Twitter. The first trend was 'RIP Kesha'; this was soon disspelled by fellow singer Rihanna, who corrected fans, and then joked that if Kesha were to die, it would be from a glitter overdose. The pregnancy rumours soon followed, which were subsequently taken less seriously once the world realised that Kesha's death had only existed in the realms of Twitter.

The Mila Kunis Bump

From time-to-time, a beautiful and slender starlet is accused of being pregnant because her once flat stomach is not so flat. Once in the public eye, women such as Mila Kunis are expected to maintain their perfect physique at all costs, and when they don't, the pregnancy rumours start.

Now, I personally would be quite excited by a Mila and Ashton baby...just imagine how gorgeous it would be. I also do not doubt that Miss Kunis would rock her maternity clothes of choice like no other celebrity mum, but alas, her spokespeople have confirmed that her uterus is indeed empty.

So another day, another couple of pregnancy rumours. Hopefully the celebrity pregnancy news will be a little more truthful next time it is blogworthy. Oh, and congratulations to Adele on her baby!