Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Smooth Maternity Bra by Emma Jane

Emma Jane Smooth Maternity Bra
Just £13.95 from Bumps Maternity
For the duration of your pregnancy, your breasts will go through quite a roller-coaster ride. From the early tenderness you experience, to the moment your milk comes in, you will witness changes in your breasts like nothing you have ever experienced before. To adapt to these changes, it is a good idea to invest in bras that are comfortable, practical, yet still attractive. Here at Maternity Bliss, we believe the Emma Jane Smooth Maternity Bra meets those criteria just perfectly.

The Emma Jane Smooth Maternity Bra is available in five different colours: black, white, and cream. To ensure that those who wear it achieve optimal comfort, it comes with two layers of fabric. As your breasts will increase or fluctuate in size for the duration of your pregnancy, a dual fabric layer is necessary for preventing chaffing.

To provide you with extra support, there are soft fibrefil panels. These panels will support your breasts as they grow, and they will also ensure you feel comfortable as your chest expands.

In order to ensure your bra grows with you, the creators of the Emma Jane Smooth Maternity Bra have provided four back eyes so that you can adjust it throughout your pregnancy. In addition to making sure you feel comfortable at all times, this also means you can save money on maternity bras in the long-term. Finally, should you wish to extend your bra further, Bumps Maternity have recommended bra extenders on their website.

If you want to stay sex while comfortable during your pregnancy, the Emma Jane maternity bra range is ideal for you.