Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Inexpensive Maternity Clothes

One of the biggest grumbles that pregnant women everywhere have is that they find it difficult to track down inexpensive maternity clothes. While it is true that there are a lot of brands who sell rather pricey maternity wear, there are also some that offer cheaper options. The majority of these brands can be found online, with the odd few being available on the high street. Here is our guide to inexpensive maternity clothes:


Milanoo is an online fashion brand that produces literally hundreds of maternity wear options for women in the UK. The majority of the designers are from the far east, and the clothes are of great quality. They also produce items that are perfectly suited to women who want to wear something a little more funky. Ranging from funky printed pants, to gorgeous gowns, they provide maternity wear designed to suit the most unique of styles.


As a high street brand, Matalan offer a fairly limited choice of inexpensive maternity clothes, but what they do offer is both stylish and practical. Matalan is one of the best places to find maternity wear in the form of bundle packs, for example, a 2pack set of t-shirts. You won't find anything too dazzling, but you will be able to purchase inexpensive maternity basics.

New Look

If you want inexpensive maternity clothes that are bang on trend, then New Look is the right place to go. Like their standard high street wear, their maternity clothes are updated in line with whatever is fashionable right now. Their high street and online stores strike a balance between maternity brands--like Mama.Licious--and their own branded clothes.

Trying to find clothes for your pregnancy that are both inexpensive and stylish does not need to be challenging. In addition to the above three brands, we are consistently updating the clothes in our online directory, so have a click around and see if there is something to suit you.