Thursday, 27 September 2012

Heavily Pregnant Adele Sticks to Wearing Black

Despite trying to make her pregnancy a low-profile affair, Adele hasn't quite managed to escape the glare of the papparazis' lens entirely. Recently, the powerful singer was snapped wearing her signature colour from head-to-toe: black.

As a very healthy looking mum-to-be, Adele has chosen to adopt a laid back pregnancy style. The latest pictures of her in this article show her wearing loose fitting harem pants, trainers, a black maternity top, and a cozy looking hat. It's great to see that Adele is taking her pregnancy seriously in terms of fitness, as she has chosen to take her dog on regular walks.

After completing the recording of the latest Bond song, Adele has chosen to carry on with her celebrity lifestyle in the slow lane. The Grammy winning artist has taken to lazy lunches with her partner, and has been getting some well-deserved rest in the build up to her birth.

Here's to hoping that Adele's pregnancy continues to go swimmingly!