Monday, 3 September 2012

Carson Daly's Pregnant Girlfriend Rocks a Casual Maternity Look

In this article by the Daily Mail, Carson Daly's pregnant girlfriend can be seen wearing maternity clothes that are casual, yet uber-stylish. The happy couple are not far away from expecting their second child, and there is no doubt that their world will be turned upside down when they are met with a second bundle of joy to keep them busy.

Thirty-eight year old Siri was seen in Malibu wearing a flowing maxi skirt, orange tank top, shades, and laid back flip flops. Her maternity clothes were perfectly suited for a family day out in the hot Los Angeles sun, yet stylish enough to meet the demands of the oh-so-fashionable city.

For the duration of her pregnancy, Siri has reported experiencing a wider range of cravings.With her first child, she was able to keep her pregnancy fuelled meals restricted to healthier options, but baby number two has made her crave everything and anything. Despite claiming to have let her diet get the better of her during this pregnancy, Siri is looking fantastic.

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Although we are heading into September, it isn't too late to get stuck into floaty maternity summer outfits. With an Indian summer ahead, there is hope for those of us who want to stay looking gorgeous during the summer months yet.