Thursday, 19 January 2017

The best maternity jumpers for staying cosy this January

We've officially reached the point where Britain has descended into a mass snow warning panic. With temperatures dropping in order to allow those fuzzy white flakes to fall from the sky, now's the time to start panic buying. Seeing as we're dedicated to maternity fashion, we're not talking about bread and tinned veg. Nope, we're referring to the humble maternity jumper; a fashion staple that'll help you  look good while staying cosy.

Whether you're a fan of those that are baggy and grey for an instant winter-friendly look, or you're seeking a maternity jumper that'll make you stand out from the crowd, we've found a few winners that'll help you catch the eyes of all around you for the right reasons.

Mama Fine-Knit Jumper

H&Ms maternity range just isn't raved about enough. With Breton stripes that are great for heralding spring's arrival, this fine-knit jumper is soft and soothing. Team it with your favourite straight-leg trousers for a look that's both casual and office friendly.

Maternity Grey Sweater by Peacocks

No maternity jumper post would be complete without a nod to the classic grey jumper. Buy it extra-large for that country casual look, or fit it to your bump neatly for refined style. Seeing as it's from Peacocks, the chances are you can afford to do both.

Camrose Maternity Poncho

Who wants to be a shy and retiring wallflower anyway? No splash of orange is brighter than this Camrose maternity poncho by Isabella Oliver, and while it's slightly pricier than the other maternity jumpers featured, it's swaying drapes make it ideal for throughout your pregnancy and beyond. With a colour this harsh, you'll need to tone it down with plenty of darker tones, preferably black or navy.

Cable Knit Nursing Jumper by Seraphine

Want to look cute and preppy? This cable knit nursing jumper by Seraphine is available in both pink and white, giving you a choice between two equally delicate pastel options. While the soft cashmere blend will swathe you in luxury, the side poppers make it ideal for breastfeeding when the post-natal period arrives.

Navy V Neck Long Sleeve Maternity Jumper

While this may be the cheapest maternity jumper on our list, it's far from lacking in beauty. With long sleeves that'll keep the cold from making it's way into your arms and a casual fit that's ideal for lounging around the house, this jumper packs both comfort and style. Like all great baggy jumpers, it'll accommodate your bump as it grows from pea to watermelon, giving you nine months of maternity fashion leverage.

Looking for more maternity wear? Our range of jumpers and cardigans are selected from brands such as Isbaella Oliver, Vertbaudet, Boohoo, and more.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Best of Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Dresses

When you're in need of a little maternity wear inspiration, few celebrities produce more iconic styles than Kate Middleton. While there are no signs of the Duchess of Cambridge producing another prince or princess just yet, we can look back at Kate Middleton's best pregnancy dresses over the years and follow her regal lead.

Polka Dot Maternity Dress

Image Source: Beretta

While visiting Brookhill Children's Centre, Kate Middleton kept her maternity style simple with this polka dot dress. With just enough fabric for spring when you're wearing a coat and a style that's floaty enough for the summer, this maternity dress could see you through your pregnancy. For a flattering alternative, try this from New Look.

Bold Floral Frocks

Image Source: Cawthra

Kate Middleton is usually known for sporting simple colours, so it stands to reason that her more daring dresses are ones to remember. Keen to mimic the floral style Kate embraced for the Goring Hotel's 105th anniversary? Try New Look's answer to her chic look.

Navy Shift Dress

Image Source: InStyle

Even Kate can't escape the wonder that is an adventure beyond the British primary school gates. Her audience at Barlby Primary School were treated to a navy shift dress, with a shapeless form that's ideal for accommodating a growing bump. Topshop have an alternative that's just as suitable for a trip to the school gates.

Look Radiant in Red

Image Source: Express

Keen to stand out from the crowd? If the weather's looking dull and you want to feel radiant, swathe yourself in red and watch all the eyes follow. For a floaty alternative that'll see you through breastfeeding too, try this number from Vertbaudet.

Wow at a formal engagement with a maxi dress

Image Source: Express

Worn at a Kensington Palace Dinner in 2013, this silk dress kept Kate looking glamorous during her second pregnancy. The original may have cost a pretty penny, but you can improvise with this slightly less eye-wateringly expensive alternative by Tiffany Rose.

Looking for more maternity dresses? Here at Maternity Bliss, we've gathered the best from specialist and high street designers alike.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Find a Pregnancy Swimming Costume Like Rochelle Hulmes

So we can't all jet off to the Maldives during our pregnancies like Rochelle Hulmes, but when the chance to take a dip (here or abroad!) does arise, we can mimic her pregnancy style. Rochelle Hulmes pregnancy swimming costume has caught the eye of many a journo in the last week, and when you take in the simple beauty of it, it's easy to see why.

Pregnancy swimming costumes don't have to be dull. In fact, they're an excellent opportunity to flaunt your new found curves. Each of the maternity swimsuits here support your growing needs, without making you look frumpy.

rochelle hulmes pregnancy swimsuit
Source: Daily Mail

Friday, 13 January 2017

Celebrating DVF's 70th with Maternity Wrap Dresses

Marrying a German prince, being painted by Andy Warhol, and making wrap dresses popular. Diane von Furstenberg certainly has quite a legacy in her wake, and seeing as she turned 70 on December 31st 2016, now's about time to celebrate her iconic style with a few maternity wrap dresses.

DVF drew her inspiration for the humble wrap dress from a ballerina's cardigan, transforming a piece of dancewear into an ensemble that grew to represent women's liberation in the form of fashion. If you're keen to add a maternity wrap dress to your wardrobe, look no further than these winning designs from high street brands.

Maternity Black Floral Dress by New Look Maternity £14.99

maternity dresses

Few designs are simpler than delicate flowers set against a deep black backdrop. With sleeves that tie above the elbow and a fabric that's sheer, this maternity wrap dress by New Look is both cheap and chic.

Black Jersey Nursing Wrap Dress by Mothercare £25

Looking for a dress you can wear to work? By combining the wrap design with the effortless elegance of a little black dress, Mothercare has achieved exactly that.

Maternity Striped Wrap Slip Dress by Topshop £10

maternity wrap dresses

Who doesn't love a good Topshop sale? And when does Topshop ever fail to deliver? Sure, you might not wear it until the summertime, but its gorgeous blend of colours will deliver style on any occasion.

Self-Tie Ruched Dress by Dorothy Perkins £19.95

wrap maternity dresses

Yet more sale magic, but this time from Dorothy Perkins. If you're a fan of the classic oversized grey jumper, you can seek comfort in this dress while adhering to a smart-casual dress code. Why not add it to your work wardrobe?

Floral Skater Dress by ASOS £28

maternity wrap dress

Trying to find a little more color, but a little less length? When the warmer weather finally does creep back around, or if you're venturing into the sunshine elsewhere, this floral skater dress by ASOS will complement your golden hues instantly.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Maternity Wedding Guest Outfits: Shop the Best Styles

Okay, so it's only January, which means the wedding season isn't quite in full swing just yet. However, the chances are you have a wedding invitation in hand, which means you're seeking out an outfit.

Maternity wedding guest outfits aren't worth worrying about. Whether you're on a tight budget or you're looking to splurge for a special occasion, we've found a range of styles, budgets, and patterns.

Mamalicious Short Sleeve Knot Woven Dress

mamalicious tie front maternity dress

Fancy looking pretty in pink? Mamalicious has crafted a dress that's lightly textured, effortlessly flattering, and cool enough for those weddings that are held on hot summer's days. Thanks to the knot, you can draw attention to your freshly formed curves and wow everyone in the room.