Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Jessica Ennis-Hill's Pregnancy

Last week Jessica Ennis-Hill announced her pregnancy. We all remember Jessica, right? She landed us a gold medal during the Olympics and has also graced our TV screens in bank adverts. Naturally, Jessica's pregnancy is going to cause a lot of discussion. I have already come across one irritating Telegraph article that practically insists on Jessica being a mother first and foremost, and an athlete after. Newsflash journalists: it is possible for mothers to continue with their lives both during and after pregnancies. Also, where is the insistence of Mr Hill firmly establishing fatherhood before whatever it is he does?

Rant over, let's resume...

So a more balanced and interesting article came from the BBC on Jessica Ennis-Hill's pregnancy and sports. It discussed extra red blood cell production, how that enhances your ability to carry oxygen, and how that in turn can enhance Jessica's training. There are certain activities she is likely to stop (high jumps and bumps= not a good idea), but otherwise it is likely Jessica's training will continue in the same fashion that Paula Radcliffe's did. This will most likely act as fodder for the Daily Mail's sidebar of shame. I can already see dozens of articles about how she insists on training during her pregnancy from journalists who are about as familiar with obstetrics as they are accurate reporting (meow).

Anywho, the whole aim of this post was to explore some of the maternity fitness wear that is out there. I was a massive fan of pregnancy yoga during my pregnancies, mainly because it helped with morning sickness. Sadly, I developed SPD during pregnancy number two. Had I been close to a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher I would have carried on. Walking, jogging, and cycling are also great activities. Plus anything that is within your usual fitness range, minus contact sports or anything that can make you land on your bump.

£20.00 Mothercare

Even if you do have a condition like SPD, there is always swimming. The buoyancy of the water alleviates some of the pressure on your joints, which in turn makes exercising easier.

£20.00 Mothercare

Yoga is especially beneficial during pregnancy as it helps to prepare the pelvic floor and muscles around the pelvis for birth. Some adherents also believe it is good for directing blood flow to the uterus, which in turn benefits your baby. 

£22.00 Mothercare

The weather is a little on the unpredictable side here in Britain, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy walking and jogging. When it is cold, get well wrapped up and check out where local footpaths are via your local council's website. If it rains, consider going to the gym to walk on a treadmill or walk up and down your stairs.

Another great fitness tip for pregnancy: make sure your trainers fit well. Not all women experience oedema, but those who do may be more prone to blisters. Fortunately, exercising is a great way to get your blood flowing, which means oedema barely has a chance to kick in.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Maternity Fashion Spring 2014

Okay, so I am not pregnant but I do reminisce about the times when I was. As much as I loved looking for maternity wear, I often looked at the fashion lists of Glamour, Marie Claire, and Style.com and felt disappointed that there were no similar lists for us pregnant ladies.

So, basing my efforts on Glamour's Spring 2014 fashion trends list, I am going to compile a collection of clothing from New Look and ASOS to help you meet the demands of the new season.


Yup, pretty pastels are back again. Do I feel comfortable with pastels? Sometimes. I feel as though I can wear a great mint green jacket, but otherwise I lack the confidence it takes to leave me feeling less like my mother in the 80s and more like a fashion-conscious Milennial.

I think I could wear this watermelon dress though. It's the top, it cups the boobs nicely. Clearly Britain is a little wet for this dress at the time of me writing this post, but I believe it could make a great wardrobe addition come warm weather time.

Contrast Button Downs


Most of the models wearing contrast button downs on the catwalk were going for the menswear look at recent shows. When pregnant, why not just make the most of those curves? Trust me, baggy men's shirts do sod all for your figure when you have a growing bump. I apologise for the crap pic from New Look here, but this cami/shirt really does make the most of the contrast trend without leaving you looking like a walking tent.

Tea Length Skirts


I have a little confession to make here. This isn't actually a maternity skirt. Tea length skirts are big this year, but both New Look and ASOS aren't featuring them in maternity styles yet, so I am going to go ahead and suggest buying this is one size up from your usual. In general, this is a great way to save money on maternity fashion.

Striped Panel Trousers

£12.00 down from £40.00!
The fashion gods and godesses have decreed that we need to blend smart with sporty this year. Think 90s Nike meets your usual workwear wardrobe to produce smart striped trousers. This can create the illusion of longer legs.

Shift Shirts


Shift blouses help you blend luxury with a spot of comfort. As any working woman may already know, getting a shirt to look great is quite the challenge. Not having to worry about buttoning up a shirt over a growing bump makes life much, much easier.

Collarless Coats

£30.00 down from £60.00

Long and streamlined coats are making a comeback. Again, this is a great hassle saver when it comes to buttoning up. I refused point black to purchase a maternity coat, and just spent ages trying to wriggle my way into various jumpers and oversized 'normal' coats. Collarless would have suited me just fine, because they still look fantastic even when they are open. For some reason, not many of us can pull off the whole open trench thing. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Rock a Maternity Little Black Dress, Just like Tamara Ecclestone

Even at seven months pregnant, Tamara Ecclestone is looking exceedingly glamorous as she rocks a maternity little black dress at the opening night of Cirque de Soleil Quidam. Arriving at the Royal Albert Hall with her husband, she flashed a dazzling smile and flaunted slim legs. Fortunately for us mere mortals, Tamara's look is easy to emulate. Here are a few pieces to get you started:

New Look: £14.99
Where else is going to come up trumps better than New Look? The store's maternity fashion range has broadened significantly over the last year or so, which means you'd be pretty hard pushed to not find something to wear there. I have chosen this LBD specifically because it is versatile enough for the workplace and a night out. How is that so? Heels and accessories. Go for a little bling at night, and you can absolutely transform this dress.

George: £12.00

George at ASDA have a similar dress to offer, but you can save £2.99! The only other benefit I see here is that the sleeves are long. Let's face it, we're not going to see blazing weather any time soon, so you need all the arm wrapping comfort you can get. Again, accessories and shoes can make this outfit fantastic for a night out. A glitzy shrug too, perhaps?

ASOS: £25.00

Fancy a dose of bodycon with that LBD? Then ASOS can help you out. We may not all have Tamara Ecclestone's pregnancy physique, but that doesn't mean we can't try and recreate it with a little help on the side. This dress is probably one of the closest to her maternity outfit in terms of style. 

And the rest...

I have decided I no longer want to leave out accessories when it comes to recreating the outfits of pregnant celebrities. After all, it isn't just about the awesome maternity wear they manage to pull off. So, let's start with Tamara's dazzling handbag:

Jasper Conran: £32.50

If you want all out glitz like Tamara, then try this Jasper Conran gold hadbag. Major pro, it is currently 50% off at Debenhams. Another great pro is that this handbag can go from maternity to beyond. Sure, it isn't massively practical as far as nappies and breast shields are concerned. However, that does assume that you won't have a social life post-birth. Go on, you know you want to...

Boohoo: £12
At a serious fraction of the Jasper Conran price is this glitter clutch from Boohoo. It is slightly larger, which means there is more room for everything you need. It is just as sparkly, so you are still going to be on the right track with your outfit.

Boohoo: £25.00

Make life easy on yourself by turning to Boohoo for your shoes too. They don't come with the same gold trim, but the heels more than make up for that. Word of warning: pregnancy oedema can make heels mighty uncomfortable at times, so don't be afraid to check out flats as an alternative or slip a pair in your purse for comfort purposes. 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

TOWIE's Billie Faiers is Pregnant

Congratulations to Billie Faiers and her partner Greg Shephard! I am not a major TOWIE fan, but I think I may be correct in thinking that this is the first pregnancy for the reality TV show. We are yet to be exposed to Faiers' maternity fashion sense, but we can take a stab in the dark and guess at what she may or may not love.

Mamalicious- £35.00

TOWIE girls are typically glam, and Billie Faiers is no exception. As a rather buxom beauty (I can empathise here), she may struggle to keep this glitzy number from Mamalicious up in its strapless form. However, as this is a multipurpose number there is hope for the big boob crowd yet. If you generally want to emulate her Essex glam, try this number from Mamalicious at New Look

George- £16.00
You can't go far wrong with Jaquard, even when you are pregnant. A quick trawl through Google image search tells me that she is no stranger to the pattern. As your bump starts to grow, adorning it with such a bold pattern is a great way to look gorgeous on a night out. As usual. George at Asda's maternity range comes up trumps with budget prices.

Butter by Nadia- Rent for £39.00

If you want to experience a maternity dress that is within the TOWIE girls' price range, but without giving your bank manager a heart attack, then try renting this Butter by Nadia item from Girl Meets Dress. For just £39.00, you can look like a starlet for the evening. This is perfect for big events, especially weddings. The cut is ideal for blossoming pregnancy bosoms, so give it a whirl.

Monday, 30 September 2013

How to Choose the Right Maternity Bra

While many of us are well aware that a whopping number of women are walking around with the wrong sized bra on, not everybody knows that many bra fitting services are also a little less than adequate. Having the wrong bra size is uncomfortable at the best of times. With threats of side boob looming and red dig marks aching, pregnancy is far from the best time to make this problem worse. Finding the right sized maternity bra for you is essential if you want to stay comfortable and look great. To make this process easier, try out a trustworthy bra size calculator and measuring guide to get the process right.

When you do know what bra size you are, you need to decide what lingerie you want to indulge in. If you are into sexy little numbers, pregnancy does not have to be the time you say goodbye to them. After all, women can be body beautiful during their gestational period too. On the other hand, if you rely on trusty t-shirt bras to get you through the day, pregnancy doesn’t have to be a time to stop. With an increasing number of high street and designer stores alike paying close attention to maternity lingerie lines, the world of bras is your oyster.

Sexy Maternity Lingerie

sexy maternity lingerie
If you have been envisioning month after month of dowdy bras that do nothing for your sex life, fear not. Not so surprisingly, Marks and Spencer offer a great range of maternity lingerie that looks fantastic and feels comfortable against your stretching skin. Take the Cotton Rich Floral bra in sizes B-H above, not only is it pretty and playful, it is made from cotton. When it comes to the heat and itching sensations that come with breast growth—especially when your milk starts to come in—this sort of comfort cannot be underrated. With two bras coming in at just £29.50, it is pretty hard for you to go wrong.

Nursing Bras

It is never too early to invest in a good nursing bra, especially if you are facing an irresistible sale. Fortunately, Fig Leaves’ maternity range tends to come up trumps for those with varying degrees of lingerie taste. If you feel like indulging, don’t be afraid to hold back when you see the Elle Macpherson maternity bra above. Many women who breastfeed find themselves feeling frustrated by the lack of luxury that is out there as far as bras are concerned. Featuring a drop cup and delicate bow detail, this Elle Macpherson maternity piece can leave you feeling as though you have really treated yourself. Fig Leaves is full of similar items, so do check out their range.

Maternity Sleeping Bras

If your breasts begin to expand significantly you may find yourself struggling with the new nighttime sensations that come with them. Fortunately, Mothercare’s range of maternity bras move beyond the usual lingerie requirements and stretch right into a sleepwear range. From items that are designed to keep your bosoms in place to those that feature fun patterns, Mothercare have managed to think of everything. Naturally, these pieces feature gentle materials, which means you do not need to worry about itching, scraping or digging. The Blooming Marvellous double back featured is ideal for those who want to extend these conveniences into breastfeeding, as it can gently push to one side.

Choosing the right bra can make your maternity wear pop and save your back from plenty of aches.  Spend a little time looking at the options available, as you are likely to find something that meets your usual style requirements.